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Wall Panels on GSA Contract

Federal customers can further enhance their acoustics by implementing wall panels into their space. Acoustic wall panels from Armstrong Ceilings are designed to enhance acoustical performance by reducing echoes and reverberations to improve indoor sound quality. These panels are commonly used in spaces such as offices, classrooms, auditoriums, healthcare facilities, and large open areas where effective sound control is essential. Adding wall panels can create additional privacy in your facility and create better vocal clarity for your people.

Easy to Setup – Noticeable Results

Wall panels can be mounted directly onto walls using a variety of methods, including adhesive or mechanical fasteners. Some panels may also feature a tongue-and-groove system for seamless integration and easy installation. Armstrong offers wall panels from a variety of materials such as mineral fiberglass, metal, wood, and polycarbonate.

TECTUM Red and Yellow Acoustical Wall Panels

Wall panels are available in a variety of sizes and shapes for your facility. We will work with your needs and find the best wall panels to match your aesthetic!

TOTAL ACOUSTICS – High NRC Ratings and Performance

Armstrong wall panels can have high NRC ratings, up to 0.90, to boost your acoustical performance. Specific wall panels are a part of Armstrong’s TOTAL ACOUSTICS line of products for their notable noise reduction capabilities. Pairing acoustical wall panels with acoustical ceilings and floors can give your space greater overall sound quality.

Continental Flooring Company is dedicated to serving federal agencies worldwide on our GSA Contract #GS-03F-001BA or via open market pricing. We provide a wide range of Armstrong Ceilings products with mill direct delivery options. Contact us today for a free quote or find us on GSA Advantage to start your procurement.

Alongside our GSA Contract, Continental Flooring Company services non-federal government agencies by providing flooring and ceiling products as well as complete flooring installation nationwide. Learn more about our non-federal services here.